Association Management

  • Commercial and Residential Condos/Associations
  • Annual budget preparation, including capital reserve items
  • Competitive bidding for property services
  • CAM fee collections
  • Occupant notifications
  • Exterior maintenance (in accordance with annual budgets)
  • Reserve analysis and implementation
  • Owner financial report and end-of-year tax preparation (in conjunction with the owner’s accountant)
  • Preparation for attendance and Board representation at annual meetings
  • Board Support with Document Interpretation & Delinquency Collection Support
  • Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Financial Reporting
  • Municipal and emergency personnel contact
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Hempfield Center

Rent/Unit Owner Collection Process

Our Town takes its fiduciary responsibility to its investor clients very seriously. Our process begins with a proactive account review, along with communicating concern for tenant business owners’ success, to build a culture of open communication. We then monitor tenant payment amounts and timing to identify month-to-month rent payment trends. This process is designed to minimize delinquencies and facilitate quick intervention when needed.

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